Never a Thought in Mind: Being Diagnosed With SCLC (Extensive)

So this maybe long but I want others to know my battle and maybe we can help each other somehow. I was part of the silly youth that smoked. Funny part - most of it I disliked. I finally quit, thanks to Chantix 1.5 mg and a new puppy in 2017.

From cardio queen to lung cancer patient

I have been a bit of cardio queen for several years before & after quitting smoking. First Zumba then cardio kick boxing. I eventually included strength. I watched what I ate - watched my fats and my blood work was always text book for years! I always took a multi vitamin but then I did start to incorporated BCAA's, protein shakes and collagen into my regimen once I got serious about toning out. I was what my family called me a health freak! I tracked every morsel that went in my mouth, every calorie burned. I can tell you what I ate on January 18, 2016 for breakfast and what time I had it! I was crazy! I had and over came Covid - August was brutal - chest throat head ache and the fatigue holy moly...but I got over it so I thought because I never did feel 100% recovered.

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April, 2023

Come April 2023, my workouts seemed to be seriously fatiguing me. I remember saying to my husband I feel like I have asthma or pneumonia or something. My chest had this weird dry cough and I just could not keep my breathe. Keep in mind...other than my abdomen being slightly bulging I was FINE in March! The bulging in my abdomen bothered me, it was right in the middle below my ribs and it was tender. After some research I came to the conclusion.. hernia. From gal bladder surgery years prior. I called the Dr and that week I went in. She confirmed hernia but after a second look decided on an x-ray...That was it - it was what started it all. Go in for hernia come out with an unsettling feeling of what in the world is happening in my body!

What the x-ray revealed

The x-ray showed elevated right diaphragm. She sent me for an immediate cat scan. The cat scan came back with masses over loading my liver , two in my right lung. She immediately (like rushed) a doctor visit to a cancer institute. Long story short - pet scan and biopsy showed stage 4 small cell Lung, liver & bone. Every one asked how I was holding up.. truth be told at that time I was not scared or sad...I was angry. Like out right P' off! I worked so hard to be healthy. I was determined to not make my family's health mistakes. I ate right, exercised did everything I was supposed. And I got this!! Both my parents drink like fish, eat like shit..and both smoke a pack+ a day. Yet they... merely have a cholesterol issue. Ugh anyways, I started chemo in May. I had one round with cisplatin and one with carboplatin. Both out due to shortage. Round 3 & 4 had neither.

So much on my mind

My mind has been racing since, I feel like the shortage is taking away my only fighting chance at this!! My chemo sessions ended last week. I am now going to receive immunotherapy (Tecentriq) every 3 weeks. Up until the shortage I have been pretty positive, but slowly that changed. Now...I am scared. Now I feel hopeless. I have searched and searched for positive outcomes for Extensive stage small cell lung cancer and have come up empty handed. I have searched for what to do...what not to do with Stage 4 SCLC and the information is so mixed it made me dizzy!

Unsure of the future

I do not know what my future holds. I just needed to share my thoughts this morning with the only people in the world that will understand. If you were diagnosed with Stage 4 SCLC... please comment and share your story. Good or bad. The good will help those struggling like me who are desperately seeking good news... positive vibes and some sort of hope. And the bad... we know it is there too, that is all I can find so if your story is not all roses maybe you can reach out for some comfort.

Thank you, community!

Thank you for listening, Michelle 🤍

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