My 4th time with Lung Cancer

Last updated: September 2021

In 2010 I had my lung cancer diagnosis and had my left lower lobe removed. No chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Boy, I was so lucky and happy. However, I was surprised in 2019 when a pet scan showed cancer in my upper right apex, once again. This time I received 5 radiation treatments in stage 1 lung cancer. I thought, this isn't so bad, or So I thought.

January, 2020

In January 2020, a pet scan showed this time in the apex area of the left upper lung. Once again stage 1, with 5 radiation treatments.

During 2020 I had cat scans without contrast. I thought to myself, "gee this is a good nothing". I finally requested they do a pet scan instead of a cat scan. Well, guess what? I now have stage 3 lung cancer again and it's in the lymph nodes.

My decision to change treatment centers

I decided I needed better care so I went to Moffit Cancer Center. They seemed to know the right treatments for me. I wonder to myself if my previous cancer center would've used contrast testing, would my cancer have been caught in 2020 or early 2021?

Where I am now

Contrast testing makes a difference! I am so angry and upset and very scared. Moffitt has decided to do 30 radiation treatments and 3 chemo treatments. I have been advised that the tumor and lymph nodes are very close to Aorta and esophagus so the radiation will burn my esophagus and leading to me not being able to swallow and having to get have a feeding tube.

Advocate for your chance at survival

In all, I am writing this to say: Be your own advocate. My chances are 45-50 percent for 5 years.

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