My COVID-19 New Normal

Non-medical Face Masks

My oncologist has agreed that I put my targeted therapy treatment a priority for now. Thanks to Alectinib my life is prolonged and my symptoms are getting better. Quarterly scans and monthly oncologist telephone appointment have been set up. Mandatory non-medical face mask is added to social distancing and sanitation in the hospitals.

Work from home

I have never imagined my family would be stuck at home with me. The new normal in my household began as the Pandemic was declared. My husband has worked from home since March 2020. He virtually teaches civil engineering undergrad and graduate courses. One room in the house is set up with a camera and lights so he can give his webinars and attend Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings.

Remote Learning

On top of him, my adult son has remote university classes and club meetings too. He locks himself in his bedroom from morning till afternoon. With so many uncertainties, his university remains in remote delivery.

Back to In-class learning

However, my Grade 11 youngest son who’s in a private high school will go back to in-class learning in Sept 2020. His school has opted to two semesters. They will be group into 20-24 students called a cohort. Only the teachers will move. For Science labs, portable equipments have been structured. With Covid-19 cases rising, I am not really comfortable sending him back to school.

Curbside pickups

We have embraced the curbside store pickups so trips to actual store are minimized. Drive-thru but not frequent is preferred for restaurant cravings.

Another Household

Outside our household, we have allowed my daughter and son-in-law. They are allowed to have dinner with us once a week. We have accepted turning hugs to elbows to elbows.

Webinars and Zoom Meetings

Since July 2020, I have joined a number of Lung Cancer podcasts, webinars, and cancer groups to be able to grow as an advocate for lung cancer. Lung Cancer Canada, Lungevity Foundation, ALK Positive, and Patient Empowerment Network have been my mainstay organizations. I submitted my first lung cancer stories through Lung Cancer Network and Lung Cancer Canada. At home, I have my desktop area for webinars or Zoom meetings. Other times, I am inside my bedroom, exercise room, or backyard.

When all the virtual classes or meetings are going on in my home, there is always respect for each other’s space, schedule, and activities. The Coronavirus created a new normal for my family but my lung cancer is here to stay. I am grateful to God each day. My fight carries on and I am becoming like a mighty warrior.

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