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Last updated: January 2018

I didn't really think it was going to happen me, but then no one ever really does do they??? I kept getting these these lung infections, deep coughing, 2 and 3 rounds of steroids each time, trying to slam down the inflammation from the coughing. Tore my lungs up. The doctors did Xrays, MRI's told me they saw a spot on my left upper line that looked like scar tissue. They said they were going to watch it see if it changed; they said the body does not like foreign tissue and that this could change into cancer. If it did become cancer they said during the frequent testing they would be following me with, if it did become cancerous, the cancer would light up like a Christmas tree. I was sick a lot with lung infections and felt like I was coughing my lungs up and out of me, but nothing rarely came up. I would become so tired from coughing. I grew tired of the many doctor appointments I had, I had many health issues. One day I told all my doctors I was taking a break from doctor appointments. I told them I was taking the summer off. So I did! I did, I did exactly that. I did not check any mail that came in from them. I did not listen to any voicemail messages from them. I did not open any email from them I did not do anything medically. I simply took the time away from anything related to medical and that year I stayed with my daughter and my brands a great deal through summer. Then I think it was September I decided I would begin opening medical mail, emails, and listening to voicemail and bingo there it was. My pulmonary doctor had been trying to contact me. So I sat with that need for a few days before contacting him, or before telling anyone. I needed to turn it around for awhile before sharing this kind of news with anyone. I needed to know how I felt about it first before I told anyone else. So I sat at home with it for a couple days. Weighing my thoughts, researching my options, studying surgeries, studying procedures, I was going to wait awhile before I let others know what the WHAT was! To be continued soon.

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