Never Ever Give Up!!

Hi, I am so happy I found this page!
In 2015 I had a heart attack. They scanned me to figure out where they were going to put a stent. They explained to me where and added, “by the way you have a spot on your lung.” They took care of the heart then it took a PET scan, 2 biopsies, a collapsed lung, then finally a diagnosis of lung cancer. I had the top section of my right lung removed along with 13 lymph nodes. The Dr. said they got everything and no chemo was required. I had regular scans with them all being fine. Nov 2017 I had a PET scan and that came back clean. In Jan 2018 I was working and noticed I was dropping my phone out of my left hand, my neck was sore, so I assumed I had hurt myself putting away Christmas decor etc. I thought I had pinched a nerve. My husband took me to an urgent care clinic, where they thought it was a stroke and I needed to go to the ER. Off we went where they did a scan and found there was a mass on my brain. I was flown to another hospital where they confirmed a brain tumor. Surgery was done and followed up with Gamma knife radiation. The tumor was on my right side so my whole left side of my body was pretty much numb and not working like it should. I had rehab for a couple of weeks then I was able to return home and eventually back to work. Scans were scheduled for every 2 months, before I got to have the second scan, I started feeling crummy again, dropping things, headaches and an unsteady gait. I let my neurologist know and they had me at the hospital the next day for a scan. Another tumor was growing, so 2nd brain surgery in July followed by Gamma knife radiation. I’m recovering slower this time but the Dr.s love my attitude and we keep fighting. Scheduled for a brain scan 2nd week in Sept. My fingers and toes are crossed for good news. I know that I could not go through this without the love and support of family and friends and some pretty amazing Dr.s, who all make me feel very fortunate and thankful. Never ever give up!

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