My three year journey

My road to lung cancer is not typical in a way. Like most people in 2018, I worked 60 hours a week and was active on my time off. I was out walking-jogging with my dog in Oct 2018. In the middle of a short jog for the first time ever my dog decided to chase a squirrel. Well, he cut in front of me, and down I went landing on my right hip. I was a little stunned and embarrassed slowly got up grabbed my dog, and started to limp home. When I got home the pain started to get worse so I called my wife at work explained what happened and off to the emergency room we went. Well to make this long story shorter I fractured my hip had surgery the next day and am the proud owner of three screws.

During my recovery from surgery

I went home to recover and about a week later I thought I was having a heart attack my wife called the ambulance and off to the emergency room again. Well, I developed a blood clot in my lung and also had pneumonia. One of the X-rays showed a mass on my liver and after ct scans m.R.Is and biopsy’s I was diagnosed with stage 1 b bile duct cancer, surgery scheduled in November and my youngest daughter was getting married in March so, to be honest, I was scared to death. They removed 60 percent of my liver along with four lymph nodes and my gallbladder.

My diagnosis

My diagnosis with this type of cancer was a 25 percent survival rate of five years. So I went through six months of chemo to better those odds. Then in January of 2020, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. surgery again scheduled and time to recover. Getting ready to go back to work when one of my scheduled ct scans in January of 2021 showed spots in my lungs. I was diagnosed with stage four metastatic lung cancer. I am currently back on chemo and decided to retire from my job and enjoy my life along with my new granddaughter.

I feel lucky

I am a lucky guy in the sense that I can now take care of my life as I see fit not like unfortunately two of my friends died of heart attacks and never had that chance. I am not the most religious guy in the world that I will admit but I did tell God that I am not ready yet but thanks for the last three years, the people I have met because of cancer are some of the most caring people in the world, and I truly enjoy every day, Even the worst days there is always something that makes me smile and gives me the strength to fight the fight and for that I am grateful.

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