Searching for the Answer to My Cancer Puzzle

I am 70 years old. 11 years ago I was diagnosed with male breast cancer. I had a mastectomy and did 12 weeks of chemo followed by 5 years of Tamoxifen. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with melanoma, the area was excised with clean margins.

Diagnosed with lung cancer

Last November I was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer that had spread to 9 lymph nodes in my mesentery. All of that was removed successfully. At the time that they found the neuroendocrine cancer in my intestines, they also saw spots in my lungs. I had a lung biopsy on the larger spot and it came back positive for lung cancer.

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Stage 4 metastatic disease

I had 5 rounds of radiation on that nodule. A nodule in my left lung was smaller and the wait and watch decision was chosen. In June, 3 months after radiation, a CT scan and MRI showed that I now have stage 4 metastatic disease. The left nodule has grown a bit, there are spots in my liver and several vertebrae, as well as the crown of my right femur.

I don't know which prior diagnosis has caused my lung cancer

After a liver biopsy we still don’t know what primary cancer has caused the metastatic disease! It is not related to any of my four primary cancers. I had the full 273 DNA genetics testing done, nothing came back positive only 5 undetermined.

Remaining positive while waiting for answers

So I am currently not being treated for a cancer of unknown primary. Waiting for answers on a couple of RNA genetics tests. Here is the really interesting part, I have no symptoms, I feel great, I have good energy! Would appreciate any input or ideas from those that belong to this site. Thanks!

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