Ms. Skeedie

I want to relay my story because an Angel saved my life. In January, 2016, I had a CT scan done of my brain to check for a possible TIA. When I met with the Neurologist to talk about the results, he casually mentioned that there was a cloudy spot on my lung but said we would address that later. “Later” never came. One day in the following August, I got a letter from the Patient Navigator at this large Medical Center. She asked me to call her to talk about this spot. I called her immediately! She told me that the spot needed to be checked. She set up an appointment with a Pulmonologist that my husband had seen earlier. I met with the pulmonologist who suggested there was a chance that it might be cancer. She said that she wanted to discuss it with her team. I went home and waited. When she called me back she told me that they all thought it was Mucinous Adinocarcinoma and that I needed surgery. I met with the surgeon she recommended and scheduled the day. Results: My right upper lobe was cancerous and was removed. There was no cancer anywhere else, and I went home 3 days later.

I have never smoked and had no symptoms. If it had not been for a very thorough Patient Navigator, my Angel, I might not have ever found out.


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