Kick in the Gut

October 2020 would mark 13 years cancer free from Stage III recurrent Endometrial Cancer. Finally felt safe and moved 6.5 hours from the hospital that saved my life, to a little piece of Paradise with a rural health system.

Sent for an x-ray

Went to them with a complaint about a possible ACL strain from a fall during moving 5 months ago, that was getting worse, not better. The PA had me move my arm around and said she wanted to do an x-ray. After the x-ray, she said she was sending it to my previous radiology oncologist to read. Whoa. CT scan ordered, 10cm mass in my chest.

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Is it cancer?

So, Friday - driving 6.5 miles back to the hospital that saved my life 13 years ago for - a brain mri, a pet scan and a lung function test. My Oncologist made it happen so fast that I can't imagine it's not cancer. The CT scan report was full of terms I had to look up, like upper pole of left kidney (just had kidney stones) cranial, broken glass mass, thyroid - well you get it. I'm pissed. Cancer is a sneaky b*stard.

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