I was diagnosed with non-small cell metastasized lung cancer in June of 2017. In addition to the tumor in the upper portion of my left lung, I had a lesion on the T-12 of my spine.

My journey of treatments

I had 10 radiation treatments on my spine at a local facility and went for a second opinion at Highlands Oncology Group in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Dr. Eric Schaefer encouraged me to join a clinical trial sponsored by Bristol Myers Squibb. It was immunotherapy using opdivo/yervoy. I underwent 24 months of treatment and the last two CT scans show I am cancer-free.

I had limited side effects involving a slight skin rash and loss of smell or taste. I continued to work and enjoy normal everyday life with no limitations. It made me feel guilty when entering the infusion lab witnessing the duress others dealt with during their individualized treatment.

Enjoying a good life

I understand lung cancer can reoccur but for now, I enjoy a good life. Dr. Schaefer promised me two things. He said I will extend your life and maintain your quality of life. He and immunotherapy have delivered. God Bless anyone dealing with any form of cancer.

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