Happy to Still Be Here

Last updated: October 2019

A small-cell lung cancer diagnosis

My brother passed away after a year of having non-hodkins lymphoma. He was 52. Two months later I found out I had small cell lung cancer, That was 1 year and a half ago. I have had 35 radiations with chemo. Had a rest for a couple of months now I am doing chemo and immunotherapy every week.

Happy to be alive

In 2012 had breast cancer, had radiation, 35 treatments and pills for 5 years. I am just happy to be alive. So I worked in the affected area at 9/11 since 1985 but thought nothing of it. I retired 4 years ago because of a stroke. I have good days and bad. So I don't know if I just got cancer or was it caused by 9/11? I am not that active anymore. I sleep a lot but I am happy.

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