Ground Glass Opacities

May 2012 lung nodules were discovered accidentally after having an MRI for an unrelated issue. February 2013 had a left upper lobe to my to remove a remove a 2cm solid nodule. Diagnosed with NSCLC, Adenocarcinoma In-Situ. Have innumerable multi-focal ground glass opacities. Monitored by CT scan every 6 months last 6 years. Threat of GGOs in right upper lobe. Last scan discussion to address best treatment plan (surgery vs Stereotactic Body Radiation). Careful consideration given for lack of lung tissue, and future need for additional treatments. Next CT scan is on 12/04. Next week.

Is there anyone in the community with NSCLC and similar diagnosis of Ground Glass Opacities?

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  • Alisa moderator
    5 days ago

    Hi there, I’m an 18 year survivor. I had a lobectomy and 6 chemo treatments and have been considered No Evidence of Disease since; however, they are watching nodules (ground glass) and have been for about 15 years and feel if they are adeno-in-situ, which rarely leaves the lung. There have been minimal changes for me and I continue to be scanned every 6 months for any changes. If there are any changes, I would be facing the same decision. I would go for a second (and third if necessary) opinion. Take care and keep us posted!

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