Every day is a gift

Four years ago I went outside to play my ukulele. My left hand could not hit the strings correctly and would not do what i told it to do. I had the same problem typing an email later that day. We soon discovered I had a brain tumor that originated from tumors in my lung.

Being diagnosed with lung cancer

My doctors made it clear that I had stage 4b, incurable lung cancer. In the past four years I've had brain surgery, radiation and 67 chemo sessions in three week cycles. It has been a very rough journey at times and a beautiful journey as well. I've found that I can live an absolutely wonderful and full life in the two out of every three weeks I feel healthy.

The life lessons through lung cancer

Cancer has given me so many life lessons and gifts that I have begun speaking to service organizations, cancer fundraising events, and corporations about living a full life regardless of the obstacles life has placed in your way. I recently wrote a book about my cancer journey that has become a best seller on Amazon.

Using my energy to advocate

Being stage 4b, the odds of me being around today were not good. I want to do whatever I can to help others live a good life for the rest of their lives in the time I have left. I believe cancer has given me the opportunity to help others in whatever time I have left.

Hello, I'm Les!

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