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Diagnosed 8/9/17

Was diagnosed wth lung cancer that had spread to my brain and had a tumor removed asap. The brain surgery went well recovered and then started a very strong Chemo plus keytruda after 3 treatments there was some shrinkage of the Tumors have one in a lymphnode also. Second CT showed a little more shrinkage. I was then taken off the strongest Chemo and put on another but remained on keytruda. That was in March I just had a CT and it showed one tumor grew but not much. My Doctor now wants to put me on a new course of treatment a pill that’s taken twice a day. They are working on getting this a new medicine approved with my insurance. They say it is very expensive but insurance will usually cover when they receive the necessary documentation from the doctor. My brain MRI have been clear so far. I was strong and taking one day at a time from the beginning praying that the chemo and keytruda would work. Now I’m done and I’m trying to be strong and remain positive that this new medicine may help. I’m very scared right now.

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