Diagnosed Early

I knew I had COPD as I smoked 40 years.

A second doctor and diagnosis

I had trouble breathing and first pulmonologist said it was all in my head. I fired him and my current pulmonologist did several tests and sent me to a thoracic surgeon had to have a right lung biopsy and I was diagnosed with lung cancer early stage 1 on valentines day last yea, 2019.

Surgery and further treatment

My right middle lung was removed and I was led to believe I was good. October again diagnosed with a node in the lower right lung, and pinpoint radiation was done - January 2020.

Was led to believe I was good this time, they got it all, they said. March/April once again I was diagnosed after biopsy with cancer in lymph node in center chest behind my trachea. Treatment plan now is I will start chemo and radiation on Tuesday till mid-July. 5 days a week of radiation. Once a week chemo and after this, immunotherapy.

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