Low-Dose CT Scans

In May of 2015 I went for a low dose CT Scan, I had no symptoms or reason to believe that Lung Cancer was part of my life. The only reason for going in was a piece of junk mail from the local hospital asking me if I fit the criteria for a scan.

The importance of screening

Called my GP and set it up, went in on Wednesday, got a call on Friday, got the diagnosis on Monday. On June 13 my right upper lung lobe was removed with a growth that was non-small cell.

My lung cancer had been caught at stage 1B. Now, 4 years later I am on follow-up scans only. Hesitate to think what would have happened if I had waited 6 more months before the scan. If you are someone you know fits the bill, talk to your GP and set up a low dose CT scan.

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