That “C WORD” I hate it.

Hi I am Sheila Stevens I am 50 yrs old. I am happily married and have 2 beautiful daughters and 3 grand daughters. I found out I have small cell lung cancer October 2 2017. Worst day of my life. My first scan showed it had spread outside the lung to my liver and spleen. Started chemo Mid October. I now have one round left February 14-16 2018. Then 10 days of radiation. The impact on my family breaks my heart. My oldest Daughter Cierra is 28 mother of 3 perfect girls, she and I have always been close. Now she is distant, and will not talk about anything cancer. My other daughter Destiny she is 14 she is one of a kind. She will ask questions and she pushes me. When I feel like just giving up Destiny is right there. My husband Bill does not show how he is feeling. He says “I’m okay” but I know better. But we will stick together and support each other through this fight.


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