Blessed and Loved

I was diagnosed August 8th with adenocarcinoma stage 4 lung cancer. Started out being treated for pneumonia. It seemed to not be getting better so I saw my Dr, he ordered tests and here we are.

I have not been sick...pukey sick... I have all my hair and it's a lot. I'm not new to this awful illness. We lost one to cancer and 2 of my sisters are in remission with lung cancer and 1 with breast cancer. I have 2 more sisters and they are fine. The odd thing is we're sure it's from my mother's side (there are other family members that have passed away due to cancer on my mom's side). The 2 younger sisters are half-sisters. We have the same mother. The boys (there were 4 now 3) not from cancer, seem to be ok except 2 older than me have had strokes but are fine. Heart problems are on our Dad's side.

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I have one more chemo treatment then on to immunotherapy. I pray for all with any devastating illness and your families that God will bless you and keep you in His loving arms. Have a wonderful day.

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