Making Different Treatment Decisions

I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer overnight and it came as a big surprise to me. I went into the emergency room for a stomach ache for cramps last year at the end of July and didn't get my diagnosis till the middle of August last year. At first I wasn't afraid of it at all though I got the impression from the doctors that I should be. I wasn't afraid to die though I didn't want to. This diagnosis came from the doctor from the second hospital because I left the hospitals twice. I just don't believe in traditional medicine for this kind of stuff and I think it may be all made up. Yes this is just my opinion since learning about metaphysics and energy. Also in how to heal thyself.

Treatment decisions

I decided on alternative meds until my family and friends got involved with their fears and their fears caused me more fear which I them made the decision to go with Chemo and Keytruda. I think poisons they inject in your system makes you sick as a dog and causes us to become sicker and cause many other problems. I took their medicines until the end of December and decided it was enough. Was feeling great for 6 weeks, no more oxygen or drugs except for the occasional Ibuprofen and occasional puff from an inhaler, then I stopped hearing from my family and friends and it seems I received either more negative feedback about stopping the drugs and it took a toll on my spirit. I started getting anxious and upset and cause me to go back on my oxygen.

I don't think people realize what is really going on in their spirits and how thinking and acting negative about the positive others feel about the way they choose to do and think things.

Fluid and a new medicine

Before leaving the second hospital for the third time I was told I had fluid around my lungs which they had to cut an incision to drain. I've always heard that if you cut anyone open that has cancer it would spread. Mine never did. Now I have a weak heart muscle and now I'm taking a drug for and will probably give me a different kind of drug they say to bring it back to normal.

By the way I've never had proof of the cancer and, having been diagnosed with it during Covid, I thought was very convenient.

Frustrated by the response to my decision

I'm angry disgusted, overwhelmed more now than ever and I have no one that will talk to me without telling me they think I should listen to the doctors. One friend who listens doesn't say much and had medical issues of her own. I'm staying at her and her husband home which happens to be the grandparents of my only grand child, son), which lives here as well with their other granddaughter.

I don't feel life is going anywhere right now and it's very frustrating. Thank you for allowing me to share my story.

We all have different views

I appreciate and respect your decisions you deal with yours as you may seem necessary but with all due respect, please try not to tell me to go back to the doctors for more treatment. Thank you. I look forward to reading your stories.

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