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Lung cancer is stressful, and managing lung cancer symptoms can be difficult. Traveling with lung cancer can add a whole new set of challenges for some, no matter the distance. Just getting to appointments can often be hard, and when traveling far distances, it can be difficult to stay hydrated, eat nutritiously, and stay on any treatment schedule you may have.

We are taking this July to focus on traveling, sharing stories, and tips for traveling while managing lung cancer. Follow us on this page and on social media, and share your own stories, struggles, questions, or tips with us! We want to hear from you!

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Learn more about traveling with lung cancer from our advocates and community:

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When I made plans to fly last November, commemorating the two-year anniversary of my diagnosis by speaking at a fundraising walk in South Carolina just a few days following my infusion, there was some understandable opposition within our home…READ MORE
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By Jennifer M. Toth—May 22, 2017
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