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Spotlight: Self-Care

Spotlight: Self-Care

Coping with a lung cancer diagnosis or life with lung cancer as a patient or caregiver can be incredibly difficult. It can be hard sometimes to get through a single day. We’re taking all of April to celebrate self-care and the impact it can have. We will be sharing tips, and would love for you to join in the conversation if you have any to add, or any questions!

Self-care is about looking after and taking care of yourself – in a healthy way. Whether it’s drinking plenty of water or getting enough sleep, self-care can take many forms, and can help us feel more ready to take on challenges like battling lung cancer. While they may seem small and unimportant, they can really add up.

We don’t just want to share our own thoughts and methods, though; we want to hear from you! Here is how you can join in on this conversation to share your thoughts:


Have a self-care tip, or question you’d like to ask? Please share with us in our

self-care forum


Have a personal self-care story you would like to share with us? A way of self-care that has really made a difference in your life with lung cancer or as a caregiver?

Share your story


Be sure to also follow us all month long on Twitter and use the hashtag #SelfCareAware.






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