Lung Cancer Invisibility

The Invisible Symptoms and Challenges of Lung Cancer

While some side effects and symptoms of lung cancer, like hair loss and skin rashes, are outwardly visible, there's so much more that lies beneath the surface. Chemo brain, fatigue, pain, anxiety… so many symptoms of lung cancer are invisible to the rest of the world. The stigma surrounding lung cancer may also make it feel like you are not being heard, or given the support you deserve from those around you. Lung Cancer has even been referred to as the “invisible cancer.”1 If you are feeling any of these things, you are not alone.

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Learn more about the relationship between lung cancer and invisibility from our advocates and community:

Coping With the Pressure of Looking Fine
By Jeffrey Poehlmann—October 6, 2017
Looking good and doing well are a day-to-day phenomenon for many lung cancer patients; the disease still lurks within, treatment still takes a silent toll...READ MORE

Survivor’s Guilt
By Nicole Russell—October 5, 2017
What happens when the stigma just hits too close to home? I see friends, family, and associates posting on Facebook fundraising for all diseases, cancers included, and they receive thousands and thousands of dollars in donations! So, why am I having a hard time raising a small $1,000 for a local 5k run here at home?READ MORE

Tips for Managing Cancer Fatigue
Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms affecting people with lung cancer, and often one of the most debilitating. It can be experienced as both a symptom of lung cancer and also a side-effect of treatment...READ MORE

Lung Cancer and Stigma
Lung cancer is the biggest cause of cancer-related deaths, however, it is sometimes referred to as the “invisible cancer”. Over half of people who have lung cancer die within one year of diagnosis, and only 16% of lung cancer patients are still alive five years after diagnosis...READ MORE

Early Signs of Lung Cancer
Lung cancer is an especially tricky condition, because it is often asymptomatic, or invisible, until it has become more advanced. Sometimes, there are small indicators a person may notice, but not realize these could be related to the condition...READ MORE

Survivor’s Guilt
By Dusty Donaldson—May 10, 2017
Every lung cancer patient who has undergone treatment has been in the war trenches—even if their wounds are not visible...READ MORE

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