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I have been on Tagrisso for 19 months – should I have had an EKG?

I have been on Tagrisso for 19 months now. Initially I had an echocardiogram but nothing since like an EKG. Is that ok?

Community Answers
  • Margot moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi @Robinsnest,

    In addition to comments from community members who have had similar experiences may share here – have you checked in with your doctor or healthcare team about recommended checks and times for them? We always recommend sharing concerns and bringing questions to them as well as suggestions for checking back in can vary by person and diagnosis! And, some also choose to get a second opinion from another doctor. More on Tagrisso can be found here as well: Please do keep us updated if you’d like to – thinking of you

    Margot, Team

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