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August 1st is World Lung Cancer Day

Save the date now for World Lung Cancer Day 2020! The first World Lung Cancer Day was celebrated in 2012 and it continues to be recognized each year on August 1st.

"Living with lung cancer"

This year, Lung Cancer Foundation of America (LCFA) is hosting a special social media takeover for World Lung Cancer Day on Saturday, August 1st. The theme of LCFA’s World Lung Cancer Day effort is “living with lung cancer” and the plan is to get the hashtag #livingwithlungcancer trending on August 1st in order to bring public attention to the fact that it is now possible to live well with lung cancer due to research. The public needs to understand that we need much MORE awareness and research to make this possibility a reality for everyone living with lung cancer!

LCFA’s social media takeover

The plan for LCFA’s social media takeover is to demonstrate what #livingwithlungcancer looks like by featuring lung cancer advocates across the country showing how research has allowed them to participate in a hobby or interest about which they are passionate! The goal is to generate awareness of the power and need for increased lung cancer funding. The takeover will feature live interviews and fun demonstrations on LCFA’s Facebook page, great conversations through LCFA’s twitter handle, and inspiring photos showing what #livingwithlungcancer looks like on LCFA’s Instagram page.

How can you get involved this August 1st?

Please use the following links to access and share all of this great information on August 1st:

To learn more about LCFA’s World Cancer Day event, check out LCFA’s website. Once there you can RSVP free of charge to get a reminder and a schedule of events texted or emailed to you. You can also access numerous helpful resources, such as 29 Lung Cancer Facts that You Should Know that you can read and share to promote lung cancer awareness and research on August 1st. After all, we all have lungs. And, lung cancer accounts for more deaths every year than any other cancer and more than breast, prostate, and colon cancer combined.

Join LCFA’s Facebook Live event

I am personally participating in the LCFA social media takeover because I believe it will be a fun, impactful way to advocate for additional lung cancer research and funding. At 1pmPT/2pmMT/3pm CT/4pmET on August 1st, please join me for a Facebook Live talk on LCFA’s page! I will discuss my enjoyment of travel to both domestic and international locations while living with lung cancer. In the Facebook Live, I will cover how I am handling the current travel restrictions, provide helpful travel tips for the future, and talk about my favorite destinations and show pictures. I will also discuss some hot travel destinations that are on my bucket list! There will even be an opportunity to ask questions.

Let's talk about EGFR positive lung cancer

Along with fellow co-founder of the EGFR Resisters Jill Feldman, I will additionally be sharing important tweets about EGFR positive lung cancer from LCFA’s twitter handle at 5pmPT/6pmMT/7pmCT/8pmCT on August 1st. If you have questions or comments related to any of these tweets, please tweet us and we will be happy to respond to you!

Add your voice to the conversation

If the sessions I am participating in don’t appeal to you, never fear! There will be programming from early morning until late evening as part of LCFA’s social media takeover, so there will be many options to find programming that will interest you. If you decide to share anything you find important on your own social media, please don’t forget to include the hashtag #livingwithlungcancer.

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