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Working Together to Defeat Lung Cancer

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What if we could give governors a roadmap to help defeat lung cancer in their state? The American Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE “State of Lung Cancer” 2018 report looked at the toll of lung cancer across the country and found recommendations to ease the burden of lung cancer for patients and their loved ones. By focusing on five key lung cancer indicators (new cases, survival rate, early diagnosis, surgical treatment and screening centers) the report found that the burden of lung cancer is great and varies by state. However, if each state governor made lung cancer a public health priority, it could make a major impact in fighting this disease. We know that anyone can get lung cancer but no one deserves lung cancer, no matter where they live. Together, we can raise awareness and encourage policymakers to put practices in place to not only ease the burden of lung cancer but to one day, defeat this disease.

What’s the state of lung cancer where you live?

Are you interested in learning about the state of lung cancer where you live? View the new “State of Lung Cancer” 2018 report and see where your state ranks on these important measures and has room for improvement. Consider signing the American Lung Association’s petition urging your state governor to give lung cancer the attention it deserves. Are you or someone you love living with lung cancer? Share your story and read those of others who are battling this disease. Together we can educate the nation and wake America up to the lung cancer crisis.

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