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Lung Cancer Warriors: Conquering Vegas Together

In December of 2023 I went on a lung cancer warriors Las Vegas trip. This trip was planned by a lung cancer sister. She posted information about it in her lung cancer travel group saying she’s going to Vegas to celebrate her birthday.

She extended the invitation, which many of us jumped on it. I even shared it in my ALKies Unlimited group and extended the invitation to my ALK (ALK positive lung cancer) family.  

I remember booking my room and started watching flights to Vegas. I wanted to make sure I got a good deal on my flight. I was super excited and couldn’t wait. Then two of my lung cancer sisters from the Chicago area informed me that they were going, too, and we made sure to get on the same flight there and back.

Beginner's luck and celebration

I’m not a gambler but I haven’t been to Vegas in such a long time. So, I figured why not gamble and have some fun.

I then started putting money aside just for gambling. I saved quite a bit of money, but I can be a little frugal with my money, so I only took $500 just to gamble.

Now I was watching the other gals because I had no idea what I was doing. By the end of the trip, I think I became a pro. I took $500 to gamble and came back home with an extra $300, not too bad for a beginner.

We had a nice group that went. We all got to celebrate my lung cancer sister’s birthday. Another lung cancer sister even celebrated her divorce.

Bonding with other lung cancer warriors

Since I was sick with Covid for my birthday in November, I even celebrated my birthday with the gals. A friend organized a birthday dinner at a nice Italian restaurant and a nice brunch.

I got to meet new and amazing people who are also fighting against lung cancer. I was happy to add them to my lung cancer tribe.

The only thing that bothered us and we didn’t even think about this because we were so excited was all the smoke from people smoking. We kept laughing at the irony.

A lot of states are smoke-free, so we’re not used to it. We did find a smoke-free casino and we did go there to have breakfast and gamble a bit. But regardless, I had a blast with my lung cancer warriors!

Cherishing community bonds

My lung cancer sister organized an Alaskan cruise, but I can’t make that one. This year is my 10th cancerversary so I’m planning my own trip, since I’m now a travel agent, but I am looking forward to more lung cancer warrior’s trips.

In my lung cancer journey I’ve met some of the most wonderful, beautiful people and lost many along the way. I must say I’m so thankful and blessed to have met them.

It’s unfortunate to meet people this way but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m so grateful and I really hope to go on many more trips with my lung cancer tribe!

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