Pressing On Day To Day

Last updated: July 2023

My lung cancer treatment has let me live longer than I expected. Nevertheless, one thing that I have to cope with is the negative effects that the treatment has on me. One day my side effects are fine, and the other days they are back. There are times new ones appear suddenly.

Cancer is nasty, so they say. Hence along the process, I press on despite the good and bad days living with my illness.

Navigating mental health challenges and physical changes

My treatment and tests give a toll on my mental health. Waiting and anxiety for results can lead to stress. I have learned not to suppress my negative feelings like worry or fear.

Sometimes, my world is turning upside down. I let it out and make sure to bounce back to peace. Coping with an advanced-stage illness is like having a full-time job dealing with different emotions.

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Over time my energy level changes like waves. Weakness and fatigue create bad days but not a bad life. I have created daily exercises and watch my diet to improve my energy level. Making sure I get enough sleep helps with my energy level, too.

Any cancer treatment has a toll on the physical and body image. My treatment causes hair loss, weight gain, rash, sun sensitivity, fatigue, pain, and energy loss. I feel upset or sad about these body changes. I feel overwhelmed dealing with them.

As the years go by, I face them and ask for help from my cancer care team to cope with these issues and situations. It is through communication that quick resolution arises.

Friends remain, but when you tell them about your lung cancer diagnosis, others do not. Is it true that people’s true colors show in challenging times? Who am I to judge them, though? I should not feel bad for losing them.

Finding strength and hope through faith

One of the good things in my life now, I press on sticking up with my newly found friends in my lung cancer world. We understand and appreciate each other. We live our lives with great hope and raise our voices for more action.

God has blessed me with a loving and supportive family, especially my husband. Together we face the uncertainties of lung cancer. Their presence pushes me to value life to the fullest.

As I am pressing daily, there is healing when I walk hand in hand with gratitude. Bad days are here to stay, but I can turn them into good days. I can count my blessings like having lived this far and with great support from others. There is hope when I practice gratefulness every day.

My relationship and faith with my almighty God have been my rock, peace, and strength throughout my lung cancer journey. I am thankful for His goodness and grace as I live with lung cancer.

My faith through prayers has anchored steady hope that everything will work out in His time. He has surrounded me with fellow believers who are encouraging and faithful.

On top of all things, God is walking side by side with me to help me as I press on.

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