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The Value of Sharing Our Lung Cancer Stories

No one wants to feel alone in having lung cancer. Receiving a diagnosis can be incredibly isolating if one does not know where to turn to find community. However, when we do find a community of others going through the same experiences, it can be very helpful – and very emotionally healing.

To find out more about how sharing our experiences helps to build connections, we asked community members to share what you get out of sharing your story or reading about others’ stories.

More than 130 people weighed in, and here is what was said.

Sharing is good therapy

We all need to unload, to unburden ourselves of the stress and anxiety of what we are dealing with. When it comes to lung cancer, there is a specific weight that is lifted when 1 person living with the diagnosis shares with another. This sharing is often grounded in recognition, understanding, and compassion. When you share in the lung cancer community, there is an unspoken power of truly being seen.

“Sharing is good therapy.”

“I feel better sometimes when I share with all of you.”

“I think everyone needs to talk about how hard it was to get the diagnosis.”

I like to tell my story to give others hope

As so many of you shared, there is such a good feeling from knowing that there is value in sharing your story. One, it helps other people feel less alone. When a person knows that someone else has walked the same path they are on now and has felt the same pain and worry, there is comfort in that shared experience. Perhaps best of all, when someone is on the other side and can talk about their remission, that offers so much hope and inspires others to fight another day.

“I hope that my story can give some encouragement and hope.”

“But I like to tell my story to give others hope.”

Reading about common bonds brings people together

We all crave the specific experience of knowing the details of those who have gone before us. Most people do not have friends or coworkers in their community who know what it is like to fight lung cancer. Rather, when we participate in support groups or online communities, we hear others tell our same story. We see ourselves in them. For most people, it is incredibly helpful to know how others are handling the same diagnosis. We all want to know what is working for them – and that gives us hope.

“Being able to read about other people’s journey is helpful to me. Everyone has a different journey, but the common bond of fighting this illness brings support and strength. I sit here thinking the difference between today and yesterday is that now I know that I have lung cancer. A truly numbing experience.”

Community gives us strength and hope through others

Many of you shared that you see the value in both reading about and sharing your stories. You want to share your own experiences, and you also very much want to read about the experiences of others. Finding that balance of give and take is a beautiful thing.

“Both! This site gives us strength and hope through others.”

What about you?

Thank you to everyone who is a part of this community and those who actively share and inspire others in the community. We appreciate your willingness to give to others.

Tell us more by submitting your story! What do you get out of sharing your story or reading about others’ stories?

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