A therapist unwinds a tangled string from a patient's mind

Seeking Mental or Emotional Help

I’ve been living with lung cancer for 7 years now and through these 7 years I never thought I needed counseling or a therapist. I thought to myself “I got this, I’m a strong woman” but even the strongest of the strongest needs help.

So, I continued my journey living with lung cancer without speaking with someone to let my emotions out, but it got worse and my life turned dark when I lost my mother 4 years ago.

Losing my mother was devistating

Losing her was worse than living with lung cancer and my depression just kept getting worse and worse. My oncologist kept suggesting for me to go see a therapist and I kept saying no and used the excuse that “I’m ok” but I really wasn’t.

It wasn’t until one day I went to go see her for my 3 month’s checkup that she asked me “how are you doing” and I broke down and sobbed like a baby. She then asked me “how often do you cry?” and I told her “every day” and that’s when it hit me, and I knew I needed counseling.

You don't need to face this alone

I’m sharing this because not only being diagnosed with lung cancer is a big blow to us and our family; it causes stress, anxiety, and depression. But while we are still alive and breathing other unfortunate events can happen and can make it much harder for us to cope with. Maybe just maybe if I started some type of counseling 7 years ago, I would be able to cope with my depression much better.

So, if you are going through depression, I highly recommend for you to seek some type of counseling. You are not alone trust me many of our lung cancer sisters and brothers understand we’ve all gone through it. Speak with your oncologist first, they will either recommend or can reach out to the therapist and have them contact you to set up an appointment. Also, your oncologist knows which therapist to recommend or contact that specializes in patients dealing with cancer. My oncologist had the therapist contact me and set up an appointment and she counsel cancer patients!

Don’t be stubborn like me, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Trust me when I say seeking a therapist will change your life. You’ll start to feel much better and see the world brighter.

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