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The Value Of Self-Care

In these uncertain times, cancer self-care is usually not our top focus. Though making the decision to proceeding with the best choice for routine treatment is standard, the full picture of what is involved in self-care is void for most.

Self-care is what it states -- caring for oneself, not a caretaker, not a health team, not your community, but you making it a clear goal to care for yourself.

Health is more than physical wellness

Though the thought to maintain treatment is part of caring for the broken figure, there’s more to our health than just taking medication. The medication may make one feel better and help fix the shattered. However, there’s more to the make-up of wellness that is necessary for self-care since there are mental and physical factors that play a hand through the entire experience.

The anchor of the body can mean so much but also what makes us all so very unique. When one thing bothers us, it can and usually means something else is about to unfold. What do we do when we get that inkling of not feeling well? Well most us deny and push through the pain mentally and physically. For most, we take this treasure of a body for granted when we don’t listen to telltale signs of the dismantle. Self-care is the whole shebang, either you listen today or tomorrow you eventually have little choice in the matter.

Some self-care tips

Sometimes many people are afraid to be with their thoughts and emotions, hence many people dealing with cancer usually vote to have people around them. Having this bond of connection is great but doing the work of getting to know yourself can be just as rewarding.

When thinking about self-care, try taking these tips into consideration.

Scenic walks in nature

Exercise is always a go-to, but this type of walk is different. This is a scenic walk and taking an in-depth look at what is around you and reflecting on those things you may take for granted. I love the chirps of the birds in the morning and being in Zen of those sounds with a walk.

Treat yourself

The regard of having an appetite at all may be saying a lot, but when you feel the mood to take in your favorite snack...why not? Don't hesitate to treat yourself from time to time!

Nap time

Remember your body needs a break sometimes and usually a nap can fit that bill. Go for it and get some extra rest when you can.

Pamper and primp

The thought of spending the time to make you look nice can be denied by many for a variety of reasons. The saying of "if you look good you feel good" usually holds some weight.

Stretch your body

Being one with your body is never too late. Preparing for full stretch tells your body you still care about the full package...nicks and all.

Finally thoughts about self-care

It’s fair to say that giving of yourself for yourself is actually okay. If there's any good time to be "selfish" it would be now and today. When you feel that self-care is a positive reflection in your path of feeling better about the situation at hand, then it makes sense to do so.

Carry on you deserve it.

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile...when you feel like it.

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