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Remembering Lisa Moran

Last updated: July 2023

We are profoundly heartbroken to share that Patient Leader, Lisa Moran, passed away on June 6, 2023. She was 52 years old. She was diagnosed with stage IV non-small cell lung cancer in 2014 and faced a multitude of treatments throughout her battle.

Her departure leaves an irreplaceable void in our community. Lisa devoted her efforts to numerous foundations, taking an active role in patient advocacy, raising awareness, and providing support for others battling lung cancer. The community is filled with deep gratitude and admiration for her tireless advocacy over the last four years.

Lisa was a beacon of hope within this community. Her courage was undeniable, even when she addressed the most delicate subjects. Her remarkable reliance shared stories, and compassionate spirit will be missed. We cherish these contributions and are forever grateful for the strength and positivity she shared with us.

Below are some of Lisa's articles:

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Join us in remembering Lisa

We recognize Lisa's profound impact on so many people in our community through her articulate writing, tireless advocacy, and vibrant personality. Her loss is felt deeply by those in our community.

Richard shares, "I only knew Lisa through her writings and our interactions on, but words can be wonderful things and a window into the soul. I met someone who was kind and unafraid to share hard stories in the pursuit of helping others. I am so glad she got to, as she said, “start over” by moving home to Ohio and spending her last days in a place near people dear to her, but I also know that her new start was too short. Things have to change. Treatments have advanced, but more can be done, and lung cancer needs the attention commensurate with the number of young lives it takes too soon."

From Alisa, "I met Lisa quite a few times in person at LUNGevity's Hope Summit, and we had some nice conversations. I got to know her even better through Facebook chats and her blogs. Lisa was kind, upbeat, and always positive. She was a powerful advocate and never stopped, even when doing poorly. I looked at Lisa like our "Rally Girl." She came close many times, went through many challenges, and always rallied back. I thought she would rally back from her latest setback, but that wasn't the case. Lisa was a big pinup girl fan and would always get special outfits for her chemo treatments and would enter many pinup girl contests, and that is how I will always remember her - a beautiful pinup girl. Fly high with the Angels, and you earned your wings, my friend.
Love, your friend, Alisa."

If you would like to share personal stories, special memories, or reflections about Lisa to honor her memory, please feel free to contribute in the comments below. Each remembrance of Lisa strengthens this space of collective grief and adds to her lasting legacy.

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