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My Life in Words of Art

For the last year or longer, I've wanted to participate in a writing workshop. I thought it could help me with the writing processes and techniques I use for my blog posts and LungCancer.net articles.

The workshop location didn't work for me

I would receive periodic email notifications about the Writing with Cancer Workshop events. It was a program offered by my cancer center in Denver, approximately 75 miles away from me. That's not an easy or affordable trip without your own vehicle.

I contacted the cancer center's Supportive Oncology Services department at one point to inquire about the possibility of a Colorado Springs workshop. I also asked about a possible webinar/classroom type opportunity for those of us that are unable to make it to Denver. Unfortunately, I was told it was only offered in-person and in Denver. I thought I'd never get to participate and find out what Writing with Cancer was all about.

I didn't have poetry writing experience

Then, one day in April 2020, I received another invitation to attend the workshop. This time it would be offered via Zoom meeting. The change was only due to the cancellations of in-person events because of COVID-19. I was thankful the virus brought me an opportunity I would have otherwise missed out on, again.

I participated in my first session during the first week of May. It wasn't like anything I was expecting. To my surprise, we were going to be writing poetry. Besides a few, "roses are red, violets are blue" poems, l have never been interested in writing poetry since childhood. I was apprehensive. I don't read poetry. I don't have poetry writing experience.

Not the place for writer's block

The exercise was explained by a writing workshop leader. She instructed us in an easy to understand manner. We were given one line from two published poems. It was our choice to decide which would be the first and which would be the last line of our own nine-line poem.

My mind went blank. Although the prompts given were easily understood. Putting my thoughts and feelings on paper was difficult. I write articles and blog posts, not poetry. Somehow, to me, trying to put my feelings into words, in a poetic and artistic way was a struggle. I froze. A writer's workshop is not the place for writer's block.

Creating my first poem

If I didn't figure it out, I was going to run out of workshop time. Then it hit me. I reminded myself that poetry is an art form. There is no wrong way to create a work of art. After that realization, the words started to flow. 

By the end of the session, I had written my first poem.

The body as energy vs. the body as matter.

An object in motion stays in motion.

Keep on keeping on.

Don't ever stop.

Keep moving, always believing.

Hoping. Happiness. Love. Light.

Always plan for your future.

Evaluate your life and make changes for the better.

I am the nicest thing I could ever do for myself.

Do you make any art?

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