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A woman with her hands up to the sky looking out into the distance.

This is for You, Mommy

What brought me here as a contributor and vocal lung cancer advocate was in memory of my ace, my friend, my protector, and foremost, my mother. October 2010 seems like yesterday; actually, the whole year seems very dim in what took place each minute of time. After my mom’s funeral, I was like a ray of energy handling so many things; we never want to talk about, until life happens. My movement was so superwoman like, as there were so many things to get in order…while grieving. Whether dealing with my mom’s lawyers, insurance, cleaning out my mother’s home, or getting my brother acclimated to his new independence without a parent. It has been a journey for sure, but throughout this time, I also wanted to do my due diligence in keeping my mother’s memory alive, and I have.

Now what?

I wanted to form an organization that brought awareness to the trials of lung cancer specifically. My mother passed away in October of 2010; by 2011 I was already in motion in forming an entity bigger than myself while grieving. The best part of this was having my great support system of friends and family who were on board. My mother made such an impact in her life, she may not have thought so, but she was a well-respected humanitarian in the community. She was well liked if you didn’t plug her nerves, but she was likable, and people attached themselves to her presence quickly. I wanted to keep her name alive, as well as bring attention to lung cancer.

Turning our dream into reality

I was determined to make it happen, and with a lot of sweat and hard work from the many that were and are on board, of that speedy train, we have made some way in keeping to our mission statement:

Of empowering and educating lung cancer patients in treatment options, and building healthy and effective relationships with healthcare providers; all while maintaining their dignity.

Securing one’s dignity was a big deal for me, based on seeing some of the interactions Mae met with her short time in making do of this disease. I named the organization Mae’s Breath Foundation after my ace. After years of running local events and after a long draining process, Mae’s Breath Foundation became an active 501c3. Many may not know of the grueling process, but it was just that, and I really have no qualms about it; I would do it again.

You tickle me

“You tickle me” was a saying my mom would say every now and again when I made her smile, and I’m sure it would be the same if she lived to see how I made her name a star. Over the past 10 years, we’ve worked with specialist and experts in speaking on the disease. We’ve held some great events, whether premiering our well-received PSA webisode, fashion show competition, or outdoor fitness challenges. Though we’re a small staple, we’ve been able to do our part in keeping the topic alive, when it comes to promoting our cause. All it takes is a purpose and sometimes another person that allows one to think bigger in doing something, I’m in this fight for the many until the very end — This is for you and mommy!

Image Courtesy of Mae’s Breath Foundation

Have you heard of Mae’s Breath? Possibly. Are there others like us out here doing our part for the community? Most definitely! Is there room for others? Indeed!

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile…when you feel like it

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