It's A Very Mad World

I've been quiet on here for some time now. Hopefully, I'm back for good. Yes, everyone is talking about the pandemic so much that I have simply stopped watching the news. I don't think it is possible for my brain to retain the contradictions without exploding. Around mid-March, our governor of the great state of Georgia finally said, "well I didn't know it was asymptomatic". Congratulations Governor, I think my 15 year old could've explained that at the time.

It's been a stressful year...

A few days previously, after much pressure from our destination community, they had voted to shut down the beaches. The thought being to deter tourism and crowds. Once again, out great Governor stepped in and mandated they stay open. That's great because at the time Florida beaches we closed. So much revenue!

Well, great Governor of Georgia. Do you have any idea how many of our restaurants and bars had to close due to their employees catching COVID-19? Good, because I lost track myself.

The mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, began mandating masks to be worn because of the surge in our numbers. What did our governor do? He prohibited mask mandates and sued her. Yes, freedom of speech, the man is not the brightest. I want to put that so differently.

How is our little community doing?

So, how is our little beach community fairing? Not so well. Our hospital is full. We have 87 COVID cases with about 22 in ICU as I write this. Our ambulances were having to line up and as the nurse stays with the patient due to lack of beds. A chest pain patient waited for almost an hour! This beyond ridiculous. We were open independence day where some random naked guy was car surfing. No social distancing being enforced. It is a complete SH*T show.

And on top of all of this, our state is still not requiring masks indoors so I end up arguing with the people of my community about why masks are important. I back this up with scientific fact only to have "'Merica" thrown in my face. You definitely can't argue with stupid. They have their minds made up.

As a lung cancer patient, I have to look out for my health

They always want to throw their constitutional rights in there. As a lung cancer patient, I have rights too. And of them is to not let the stupidity of this state kill me off after almost 8 years of surviving stage 4 lung cancer. You are required to wear a seatbelt, why not masks indoors with such a pandemic.

And if someone tells me I'm scared one more time and to just stay home, I may literally come unglued. NO! You are the one putting people at risk because you're acting like a 4 year old pitching a tantrum about wearing a mask. Stay at home!

I can't count how many times I've been blocked on Facebook. Currently trying to stay away but it always creeps up in my feed and someone says something beyond stupid. I was arguing last night this state is part of the problem and the reason other countries and even states are banning us. Well, some supersmart guy told me I was over exaggerating. I agreed with him. They aren't banning us but quarantining us for 2 weeks. So, I personally don't know anyone who gets a 3 week vacation, but what does this simpleton know. The debates I've been in are truly a waste of my life, precious time I can never get back

We must protect our vulnerable community members

Families can't see each other because our state does not know how to sacrifice a bit of inconvenience to help preserve the life of others. I screw that Atlanta, Savannah, and other major cities in GA. He can't sue us all.

Then I remember the people who think the disease is fake. So all I can think of is "Go 'Merica'". Let's keep killing off our people, especially our most vulnerable.

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