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Lung Cancer and Exercising

Quality of life is the main focus when it relates to lung cancer. The ability to live a normal life or close to it is the key. What happens when you feel the need to expand the horizon when it comes to performing hyper activities? Do you go for the gusto when its clearly allowing your lungs to work more? Is exercise safe when you have lung cancer? Should you even consider the possibilities?

Why not start an exercise routine?

It’s interesting when people think of exercising they think of the most intense situation to be in. Many think of exercise as a chore and don’t relate to how being active helps them in the situation that they are currently in. Well, there are a few benefits to being active:1

Experts actually attest that effective exercises help boost our heart rate which is necessary, as our heart has to stay active.

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How much exercise is too much?

Any if not all exercise programs should be approved by your doctor. What I mean by this is you should run it by your doctor what you wish to get out of the experience of exercise, and sometimes too much exertion may not be the best for whatever condition you have. In regards to lung cancer, some activities are better suited than others; However, it really depends on the patient's overall health. The consensus is that moderate physical activity should be attempted, not too excessive but enough for a well-rounded workout. Again everyone’s situation may be slightly different, but keeping in mind:

  • Excessive heart palpitations or pain = Too much/Stop
  • Dizziness = Too much/Stop
  • Problems breathing = Too much/Stop
  • Extreme headache = Too much/Stop

Always listen to your body, your body always tells you when something is not for you and to stop and revisit another form of movement. Lung cancer can be tricky so it’s important to be careful and mindful. Caution should be met for those who have severe balance, weakness, and compromised immune system, this doesn’t mean you can’t be active but care should be taken in doing so. The additional benefits for a lung cancer patient when exercising is:2

What are my options?

Again, it depends on your evaluation, but the following are light beginner start to a healthy outlook on exercising to get the lungs activated. Be sure to talk with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine. It’s also worth mentioning that it is okay making sensible yet small goals for yourself, this is not a sprint:

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile...when you feel like it.

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