Living Life Now

Living Life Now

A lung cancer diagnosis can tend to flip our entire world upside down in a moments notice. Once we hear the word cancer, our minds go to a million different places and fast! The life we once knew, seems like a long lost memory and this new life that we are forced to live takes a lot of adjusting. So how do we find a median between the two? Is it by keeping the same routine, especially if you have children at home? Is it by embracing the smallest of moments of everyday life? Is it by traveling when you feel good and enjoying all that our world has to offer? I think, that each of these ideas are essential when dealing with lung cancer or any cancer for that matter!

Focusing On What Matters

Having children at home and having to fight this disease can take a lot of energy and a lot of patience on everyone's part. One element we have used in our house since diagnosis is to live life now, not later. Our children understand my diagnosis and that even at stage IV, and feeling and looking good, tomorrow is not promised, for me or for anyone in this world, so we must do all that we can NOW. We ask our children where do they want to visit, what do they want to see and then try and plan weekend getaways. Getting us out of the house is essential as I feel as though I still have anxiety being in the house too long.

Embracing the smallest of moments is something I live for. Those moments we are driving in the car and the kids bust out singing the song on the radio is what makes me smile and it makes my husband smile as well, which overall gives us an overall feeling of comfort, a comfort that we dearly miss sometimes with all of the stress lung cancer can bring on a family. The littlest of things, going grocery shopping, can even be fun now. My husband and I often have "date nights" at the grocery store, we walk around and are silly and even act like kids at the grocery store! You will often find my husband dancing in an aisle if the song is right. They may not be grand gestures or memories of traveling to another country, but they are the best memories, the unplanned ones that are so remarkable.

Getting Back Into Daily Routines

One other aspect of this lung cancer life is how it turns your world upside down. Things we used to do, we stopped doing immediately after diagnosis. Depending on what your treatment is, your appetite changes, your employment may halt, your physical activities change, everything that you once knew as normal is gone. I have found that getting back into some of the pre-cancer routines are the best. For me, going back to work helped me feel a little bit normal. Keeping the kids in a routine at home was best for everyone all around and made them feel that things were actually still somewhat the same. Normalcy for our family was key and we are grateful that we found it again.

Live life now. No one is guaranteed tomorrow, with this diagnosis, we are given a warning that we need to live to the best of our ability now. Some people are not given that warning and everything is taken from them, including their life at a moments notice. When we live life now, we are embracing all that life has to offer us and that, in the end, is truly what matters.

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