My Ride With Lung Cancer

Reflecting on my diagnosis, I had many questions in my mind. My mind went so crazy that I felt hopeless with my stage 4 illness.

Pulling through a lung cancer diagnosis stands by quick acceptance and a positive perspective moving forward. Trust in my cancer care team is as important as leaning towards the spiritual aspect of my life, my faith in my God.

Acceptance is part of healing

The pain was real as soon as my unexpected cancer diagnosis splashed like the waves of the sea. There were constant reminders for me that I must get past the grief of having an advanced-stage illness.

Of course, I went through various stages of grief when I was coping with my cancer news. There was the loss of self and confusion. Only at the acceptance stage that my healing begin.

Hanging on to God for strength

Finding strength from God is to hang on to all His promises found in Bible verses. My relationship with my God has a promise of His character of strength. The strength that shields me from my feelings of fear and anxiety while living with lung cancer.

My Lord is my strength and my saving refuge forever. When my weakness makes me depend on God, I feel closer to Him.

No matter how big the storm or obstacle is in front of me, I can rely on God’s power to get me through it all. He has the ability to transform a spirit of fear into a power of love and a sound mind.

Besides, His power is at the heart of His will and glory. Furthermore, achieving God’s power pushes me to speak and act my faith in Him. It is not enough to believe in healing alone.

My prayers include thanksgiving, praise, love for others, miracle healing for all, protection from harm and evil, deliverance from temptation, and provision of daily needs. I put my wholehearted trust in God directing my steps and seek Him toward my correct path of righteousness.

Praising God in tough times

It is easier to praise God in good times. It may not seem natural to me and may make me feel uncomfortable. No matter what my circumstances, especially when life gets hard, praising God fills my heart.

Whispering a prayer or song of praise can lead me to peace and freedom. It is allowing God to work in my life and teach me as I walk through any situation.

As a routine, I make sure my heart and behavior are in one with God’s will and scriptures. I believe God will pour out His grace on me If I refrain from being boastful or arrogant.

My God is in charge. He is the Lord of my life.

Spiritual boundaries are as important as emotional and mental boundaries in my everyday life. I need to set clear my spiritual well-being to govern my beliefs and put them into practice for survival and spiritual growth.

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