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Sunflower field with butterflies flying and a full moon in the sky

Laughter is the Best Medicine – At Least that’s What I Hear

People with cancer don’t have a lot to be happy about, especially amidst treatment. Therefore, we have to come up with coping mechanisms. Some people garden, some advocate, some dive into work (when able), some are angry, some stay sad, some even stay in denial.

Refinding my faith

But there are some like me. If you’ve ever been around me (ac – after cancer), you’ll know I went through and tried every one of those aforementioned coping mechanisms. Albeit, none of them worked. Therefore, I turned to God and comedy. Yes, a strange combination I know. But they’ve worked.

I found God during this illness. I found Him a long time ago but we drifted. Well, I drifted. Now, I can rejoice in the peace of His presence. Finding Him again was the best thing that could’ve happened to my family and me. Especially my daughter.

Remembering to smile through the hardships

Secondly, I suddenly wasn’t so serious about life or the small stuff anymore. I’m not in the least bit politically correct. I am a bit morbid and have morphed into a freaking social butterfly. Yes. I miss the ones I’ve lost and they will forever hold a place in my heart. But, looking at the big picture, they were the same. Nicole Russell and Kelly Shannon may have not been exactly alike but they each possessed something that made me, me. Nicole with her outspokenness and raw honesty.

And then there was Kelly, empathetic, sweet, loving, but not afraid to sit on the phone and exchange guy bashing stories. She was such a good listener. I loved to hear her laugh at my raw blunt honesty, that both Nicole and I possessed. This made losing them that much harder. We had such similar traits that weren’t cancer related. We actually forgot about it when on a roll.

So, going forward, I know they would want me to be silly. To test the waters and not take anything too seriously or for granted. They would want me to be the crazy social butterfly that brought us together in the first place. We only have this one life. Why not live it to the fullest?

Grateful for my friends

Are some of my posts inappropriate? Yes. Are some offensive? Probably. But I grew up with the craziest bunch of friends. They didn’t see race, religion, social status, or anything like that as being wrong if not like them. We embraced our true selves and man, how we picked at each other! Some people would definitely take offense. But that’s what makes my friends special, cancer or not. I’ll always have that group. Where we can practically say anything “offensive” to each other and laugh. We all know we aren’t serious, just joking around. I want that from some cancer friends again. Because at those moments, my cancer is gone.

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