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Bless Your Heart, Spirit, and Oh Yeah Lungs

Though there are developments in how lung cancer is reviewed and treated, at times, I do feel it’s lower on the totem pole. A few weeks back my organization held its yearly fitness challenge and though the engagement prior has been high, I feel like we’re constantly emphasizing the need to take care of this important organ; our lungs. We’ve found over the years a few people become resistant to hearing the message as it pertains to this stigmatized cancer, nevertheless, it’s still a message worth hearing.

I don’t know but it's something about lung cancer being number 1 of the top 10 cancers for all races with a high death rate that needs more discussion.1 I never thought being an advocate would lead me into making sure the conversation is still had.

Lung cancer is still relevant

Lung cancer is still relevant and with the craziness of the pandemic, we see in real-time the significance of breathing and the importance of our lungs. The idea that many hospitals had a lack of breathing machines at the beginning of the pandemic if anything said a lot.

Although the body shows us for sure that many of its components that make us run efficiently, evidently need each other to work together. So though our heart is the engine that allows us to function, and our brain is the tool to get our memory and nervous system in gear. We can’t forget the relevance of our lungs and this pandemic has given us if anything a peek of what can occur when there’s an interruption in this important organ.

Comme ci comme ça

So it's clear lung cancer is what it is. Does that always mean the worst-case scenario? Is there any hope at the end of all of this? How can and does one cope to move forward?

First, it’s important to get the full facts and details of your individual situation. Lung cancer like so many life-altering diseases and does not mean the same necessarily for every person affected. It all really depends, and this is where it helps to have these honest and open conversations with your doctor. Sometimes the experience may be good and other times not so much, but the call as the patient is yours.

Your voice is so important and whether you believe it or not, there are many out there who have your back in advocating such.

Still significant today

So the next time someone mixes lung cancer in a statement as “Oh yeah and lung cancer”, just remind them that the fight is still and has always been real. In 2017 there were 217,000 new cases of lung cancer -- that is a big deal and one to be recognized.1

Lung cancer still and has been relevant, don’t believe otherwise. The fight is long and steady as we move along in keeping the conversation relevant.

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile...when you feel like it

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