Happy Birthday to Me!

Last updated: November 2022

On November 3rd I celebrated another birthday! Whoo hoo! In November of 2014, two weeks and 3 days after my 46 birthday, I was diagnosed with stage 3 NSCLC. I remember having a few friends and family at my house celebrating my 46.

But everyone remembers that horrible cough I had, and they all kept telling me to get it checked again because that cough didn’t sound normal and I’d been sick long enough. They knew I went to my doctor and she ran some tests on me and I had an x-ray. I even told them I should just go to the ER. Well, I did but two weeks later. That night I tried so hard to enjoy myself and for the most part, I did, but boy was I feeling so sick.

Now I celebrate my birthday big

It’s been 8 years and I now celebrate my birthday big! For me, it’s a milestone I get to see each year and do something special. I like to travel on my birthday and in the years I can’t travel my husband and our kids do something special for me. I always tell my husband and kids that November is my month and I celebrate my birthday the whole month, so spoil your mother. They get a laugh out of it, but they do celebrate my birthday with me the whole month. Even though Scorpio end on November 21st it’s still my birthday month and I’ll be accepting gifts, flowers, cards, breakfast, lunch, and dinner dates.

My family and friends get a kick out of it. It might not mean much to others but for me it means the world to see another birthday. I look forward to growing old and am not sure if I’ll get to see my 70s or even 80s but just knowing that I’m getting older (or as they say now younger each year) it’s a milestone that I got to see another birthday and get to celebrate with my family.

The best birthday present ever

Last year I celebrated my birthday in Miami and my husband, and I had so much fun! This year we are staying home, but I’ll be celebrating it with my new grandbaby my grandson, and his older sister my beautiful granddaughter. What better way to celebrate my birthday! We did have plans to travel, so at the beginning of the year my husband requested the week off and we were going to go to Mexico. But our son and daughter-in-law told us in February that we were going to be grandparents again. I was so ecstatic, and I asked when is her due date and he said October 27th. So, we decided not to travel this year to be here for the birth of our grandson.

Well, I’m happy to say he was born on October 29th, I was hoping he would have made his entrance on my birthday, but I got him a little early. By far the BEST BIRTHDAY present ever! So, we get to celebrate our birthdays together and I couldn’t be happier.

Remember to enjoy your birthday each year and create precious memories with your loved ones! Happy November!

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