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Take Your Best Guess: Lung Cancer In America Statistics

Every year asks the community to share their experiences living with lung cancer in our annual Lung Cancer In America survey. While everyone's journey with lung cancer is unique, there are some experiences common among those living with lung cancer. We are so thankful to the 826 patients (and additional caregivers) who took our 2019 survey, which enabled us to share your experiences and promote awareness about some of these experiences, and what life with lung cancer is really like for patients and caregivers.

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Take the polls below to see if what you think based on your own experiences are what we saw in the survey results! After selecting your choice, the correct answer will appear at the bottom.

Then help us understand even more about the community, and your own experiences, by taking our new 2020 survey! (The Lung Cancer In American 2020 survey is now closed.)

How did you fare?

Did you guess correctly on the quiz? Let us know how you did in the comments below and if any of these numbers or results surprised you.

You can also read more about the 2019 Lung Cancer In America in Healthcare Conversations After Diagnosis.

Take the Lung Cancer In America

To contribute to a better understanding of lung cancer and can help others who are going through it feel less alone, remember to share your voice in the latest Lung Cancer In America survey! Each person’s unique experience is crucial to understanding the intricacies of life with lung cancer, and the results will be shared back with the community when the survey closes!

(The Lung Cancer In American 2020 survey is now closed.)

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