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My Family Ride With My Lung Cancer

The first people who have taken a ride with me through my lung cancer journey are my family. They are the reason I am fighting my illness. With their love and care, I have the will to live. God has made it possible for having two sons at home and my daughter’s family living close by.

My daughter’s family

Claresse and Jon were more than two years in their marriage when I had received my first diagnosis. Both of them have strong faith and believed in prayers. Currently, Jon has a full-time job as a Business Manager while my daughter is pursuing her third degree this time in Civil Engineering at the University of Manitoba. Claresse got Science and Arts Degrees from the University of Calgary. She did work close to five years as Environmental Consultant in an Oil and Gas Company. I am thankful they live not far from us and are a very thoughtful couple.

My first son

My second child Semon just graduated with a Computer Science degree from the University of Manitoba. The pandemic did not stop him from reaching his goals. I am so thankful he landed a job close to home. Ever since I have lung cancer, he took on helping my husband doing household chores that I could not do. Despite working from home, he is readily available to be supportive.

My youngest child

In my family, my youngest Marlon brings joy and laughter. He’s the basketball athlete of the family. Through his elite level of athletic skills, our family had enormous sports travels locally and internationally. We have visited historic and tourist cities because of his basketball tournaments.

After my diagnosis, he constantly checks up on me and makes me laugh. He is a very sweet and loving child. It is my prayer I can see Marlon graduate high school and start university in 2022.

My first grandchild

Arlo Jon my first grandchild and grandson was born on March 7, 2021. We call him the pandemic baby. He was born when only his parents were allowed to the hospital. Since birth, he has been exposed to FaceTime, a handy video call at any place and time. In his second month due to COVID restrictions, we were not allowed to visit other households. Hence, we continue with FaceTime when spending time with him. He looks confused sometimes. I hope the pandemic will be over soon so we can see our loved ones again without restrictions.

Family sticks together

Having my family with me through advanced-stage lung cancer drives me to live life to the fullest. Despite the pandemic, we give our best to find ways to have regular bonding, most of it is virtual for now. Furthermore, we have set the same time weekend dinners using the FaceTime phone app. In order to support local restaurants, sometimes we choose curbside food pick-up goods for two households. If I have the energy, I cooked meals good for six people so I could share a portion with my daughter’s family. We hope the restrictions will allow another household visit. We miss each other so much.

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