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Your Personal Lung Cancer Appointment Guide

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been going through treatment for some time, keeping track of all the information given to you at various appointments can feel like an impossible task. Additionally, you may have an important question or concern you want to talk about with your doctor, but it easily slips your mind once at the appointment.

With the limited time you have with each of your doctors, you want to make the most of your appointments. Some find it helpful to take notes when meeting with their doctor to stay informed and on track.

A printable guide to take to appointments

To help you keep organized and prepared for any doctor’s appointment on your calendar, we put together a printable appointment guide. This guide can help you navigate your appointments confidently as well as offer a place to log your lung cancer experiences from diagnosis onward. It includes critical questions to ask your doctor, a pro-con list to use when making treatment decisions, and a place to track treatment side effects.

Looking for additional tips to keep organized when communicating with your healthcare team? Check out these resources:

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