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Since Josh and I broke up, I really got into painting. I couldn't do much because of COVID, and still can't, so I needed something to calm my mind. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It would be better if more sold, but I know our economy is in the tank.

The world of online dating

So to conserve on materials, I thought I would try the whole online dating world. If you haven't experienced it, it is a mess out there. Everyone should totally beware.

The first guy I met was super nice, except he lives 500 miles away. Not sure why he put in that distance, but it's way too far. The second guy I met was super nice. We had great conversations and then he just disappeared. Ok. Maybe people are afraid of cancer or my bluntness.

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However, the third guy, wow. There is not enough foul language to describe him. I think something is wrong in the head with him. He lives here but moved out to Texas for a job thank goodness. He became suddenly very possessive of me, which is totally not my style.

People can be rude and insensitive

I took a friend I've had down here, who happens to be male, to the Jacksonville Airport. Keep in mind, I've known this guy friend since moving here. He's almost always been a really good friend except for game nights and such which inevitably end with us yelling at each other and not speaking for months. It's quite comical. But he is one of my best friends here.

So when I told this guy I was talking to I was taking my friend to the airport he totally flipped out. I have never been talked to like the way he talked to me in my entire life. I'll just summarize some key elements of what he said because I took my friend to the airport.

He called me inappropriate, rude names and then brought up my cancer and daughter. Then the guy tried to call me. Why? Who knows. But then called me more terrible names and shot me a bunch of birds. This was almost comical until he brought cancer and my daughter into it.

Surround yourself with supportive people

You can call me every name in the book, but when you bring my daughter into it, this mama doesn't play. And he wasted a whole week talking to me! The agony I must've put him through. I feel so bad! Just kidding.

Never, in my life have I seen so much hate in someone. I don't do jealousy. I live how I want and said that from the beginning. I'm not sure you can really help someone like that even by smothering them with kindness. I felt bad in a way because he must be in so much pain that he had to react that way. It wasn't me and I know that. I hope he takes the time to reach out for support.

So, throw your cancer out there and weed out the negative energies as much as possible. Best advice!

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