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Chinese Lung Cancer Patients and COVID-19

This article was written on February 28, 2020. Further developments in what we know about the coronavirus are continuously emerging. For more information, visit the CDC website.

On December 31, 2019, the World Health Organization did not match any other known virus in several cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, China. On January 7, 2020, China confirmed COVID-19. So far, there are more than over 66,000 new cases and 1,500 deaths due to COVID-19. More than 1,700 health workers have contracted the virus and six doctors have died all in the Wuhan area. Eighty cities like Beijing and others, not mentioning Wuhan, are under quarantine. The number of people under quarantine now exceeds the entire population of the USA.

Chinese lung cancer patients are suffering because of COVID-19

Chinese lung cancer patients, like other cancer patients, are very concerned because our immune systems have already compromised. We are especially vulnerable to any infectious decease, especially for the respiratory tract. The hospitals have stopped doing the tests, like CT, MRI, and bloodwork. The patients cannot go to see their doctors because hospitals are either closed or used for people infected by COVID-19. Notably, patients have to purchase targeted medicines every month. But with the closure of the drug stores, patients are getting panic. The situation is dire.

Lung cancer patients rallying together

Everybody, including lung cancer patients, wear a mask in China to prevent the virus from entering the body from the mouth and nose. Soon these masks were out of stock causing panic on the market. One of my Chinese lung cancer friend (Friend 1), based in Germany, volunteered to buy the medical masks from Germany. So another friend (Friend 2) collected money from each lung cancer friend and passed the number of the masks to my German friend. The German friends bought the masks and sent them back to China to Friend 2. Friend 2 would send the masks to each individual. For the first several days, Friend 2 collected money for 90 packs masks, each pack has 50 masks.

I’m very touched. We are all patients, but we help ourselves.

Real friends of China

China and Japan have a good relationship officially. But for Chinese people, the relationship with Japan is quite fragile. The reason is historical. In World War II, Japan invaded China and killed hundreds and thousands of Chinese people burning houses and buildings to the ground. After eight years of war, China reclaimed independence. But after COVID-19, Japan is the first country to send a group of 1,000 medical experts to China to find the cause and vaccine of COVID-19. It is not the USA, not Canada and not Brittan to send help to China.

After the COVID-19 swept China, the first country to close its border is North Korea who received a large amount of financial aid from China before.

Humor in middle of this crisis

Millions of Chinese people are under quarantined regardless if they are voluntary or not. The streets are all empty. The shopping centers or supermarkets are closed, or every family can send one person out to do the shopping for the family. The majority of Chinese in the city live in apartments that are not spacious.

I noticed that there are all types of comedies posted on WeChat. Especially a lot of comedies posted are not from professionals, instead of ordinary people. At the most difficult time, the Chinese still don’t forget to laugh, even ridicule themselves. To me, they are genuinely laughter and full of sense of humor.

In this crisis, I see the good-hearted people. I believe that the Chinese will control COVID-19.

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