HealtheVoices Conference 2023

I was invited to attend the HealtheVoices Conference 2023, hosted by Johnson and Johnson, last year. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend my first HealtheVoices Conference.

Given the significant impact of social media on healthcare decision-making, our company is organizing a conference specifically for online health advocates and patient bloggers. The purpose of this event is to provide a platform for these individuals to share their personal experiences of living with challenging health conditions on social media.

Connecting with purpose

The theme of the HealtheVoices Conference 2023 was “connecting with purpose,” and it was just that! We connected and celebrated our shared commitment to health advocacy.

The purpose of the conference weekend was to connect with individuals who are passionate about advocating for their illnesses and to establish meaningful relationships. We seek to find inspiration in one another's journeys and provide mutual encouragement. This conference can help those to reignite their efforts and dive deeper into our collective purpose.

This conference helps break down barriers and embrace vulnerability. The conference was so diverse, and that showed me that our experiences share a common thread.

Attending this conference binds us together through our shared experiences and connects us. We learn from one another, we unite and understand each other.

The goal of the conference was to acquire fresh ideas, resources, and tools to take back home. I am grateful for the new connections I have made and the recognition that my advocacy is valued. I appreciate that my advocacy was celebrated and that I was connected with many wonderful other advocates.

I am grateful to have been invited and able to attend HealtheVoices, an event that connects, empowers, and educates patients, caregivers, and supporters. It was truly an honor to be a part of it.

Meeting inspiring advocates

While at the conference, I met so many wonderful advocates. Like Brady and Jesus, who advocate for HIV and AIDS. I also met Daniel, who also advocates for HIV and AIDS, but he also advocates for anal cancer. I met the beautiful Asha, who was there advocating for breast cancer, as she’s a breast cancer survivor.

I met Barby advocates for chronic pain while living with chronic pain. Gincy advocates for Alzheimer's, and she also advocates for caregivers. She is the creator of two books “Before the Diagnosis: Stories of Life and Love Before Dementia” series and co-author of “365 Caregiving Tips” series.

The amazing Danielle has colitis and advocates and brings awareness for ostomy and IBD. I also finally got to meet Dave, a fellow lung cancer advocate, and a lung cancer brother. Dave has done some amazing advocacy for lung cancer. I also had the pleasure of meeting Tasha, who suffers from and advocates for myasthenia gravis, and Tamika, who had a stroke at a young age and now advocates for stroke awareness.

Unforgettable moments

My goodness so many more advocates that I had the pleasure of meeting and learning about their advocacy and illness. Some even started their own organization.

There were a few that I had never heard of. But because of this conference, I now know about certain illnesses.

The best part of this conference was the open mic night. Can I say, OH MY GOSH. This was the highlight of the conference.

Advocates with a talent performed that evening, from reading a poem they wrote, singing, comedy skits to even a drag show. It was definitely a show to remember. I hope to get invited again next year and to continue to be a part of the HealtheVoices family.

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