A pair of slippers and a canvas bag filled with flavored water, a crossword puzzle, and a package of snacks.

Lung Cancer Care Packets

Last updated: July 2022

I was thinking, what are some ways to soften the mood in survival? What are some of the things you wish you could have that help provide strength and hope when going through the most? It can be very difficult to wrap your head around what the future holds, and how you can and will get to that state of strength that is needed in approaching this new journey.

A few years back my organization Mae’s Breath held a fundraiser and used the proceeds to make these mega gift baskets, which had all components that can make a patient's day.

Cuddle and snuggle

Are you one of those people that like anything soft, smooth, or furry? Does it help settle your thoughts? Sometimes smooth and snuggly items can do just that to help soften your mood. As you know treatment and what comes with it is a lot to take on, and if you can find things that help you mentally prepare and relax at that moment, well that is a good thing.

Things to help you at ease:

  • Soft slippers - That make you feel the ease in moving forward.
  • Soft robe - Yes, after treatment and a hot shower, slip into that cuddly robe and find time to relax.

Brain teasers

Lung cancer can be tough as it’s one of those most common malignant tumors, and one of the many downsides for some is that it can spread to the brain. It can be devastating to have your memory affected at this time. To keep some form of clarity around what is taking place; taking on a small brain puzzle may seem silly for some, but not necessarily. Sometimes we have to retrain our brain with small exercises in solving puzzles. Puzzles for the brain can be in any form from a jigsaw puzzle to word finds. This is a great treat for anyone experiencing treatment rather than looking at the walls waiting for the experience to be over. A great flex for memory.


Everyone is different but if you have an appetite what are your go-to snacks during treatment? What is an upgrade to the apple juice that may be offered? How about a care packet with flavored water that is refreshing. The good stuff, like lemon or fruits to up the ante in taste to this liquid bore. Snacks like cheese and crackers and sliced fruit, or healthy chips are the best. It's a plus to add some pizazz by adding the warm version which brings the best results in taste. Suggestions like warm dips and crackers and warm smoothies...yum!

Would a care packet with all of these goodies sound like a treat for a daunting process? I would hope so or just make you feel better for a bit. Sometimes the simple gestures can make a smile shine ear to ear.

The time to fight is now, with integrity, grace, hope, and a smile...when you feel like it.

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