Being A Mary Kay Consultant With Lung Cancer Has Been A Blessing

When I was diagnosed in 2014, I had to stop working and a year later got on Social Security Disability (SSD). It did something to my soul, I felt like I had no sense of purpose, like I was just waiting to die.

Then a year later I was NED (no evidence of disease) and felt like life gave me a second chance. I opened up my CrossFit box (gym) and that gave me my sense of purpose back. But because of the pandemic, my business closed down and I was back to feeling defeated.

Finding my passion while making an income

Then I found something that I absolutely love to do and help women and men with their skincare and makeup. I’ve always been big in taking care of our skin and helping people start a good skincare routine. Also love wearing makeup and making myself pretty, it just makes you feel good. Especially on days you don’t feel good or are struggling with the disease itself or the side effects.

I used to sell Mary Kay in my mid-20s and had to stop but I’ve always enjoyed selling Mary Kay and doing those in person parties at hostess’s houses. So, after my CrossFit closed down and not being able to work, I decided to sell Mary Kay again and it has been the best decision ever. It gave me that sense of purpose and that I belong. I’ve met some amazing women in my unit that I now call my “pink sisters.” I’ve also met wonder women and men that became my customers and now great friends. My customers are so supportive not only in my Mary Kay business but with my lung cancer journey and they love the products too.

Starting a new chapter

Becoming a Mary Kay consultant has been a blessing not only financially but in recognition as well. I was the first Latina in Mary Kay 58 years to complete the National Court of Sales in less than one year and I’m about to do it again for a second time breaking record. I recently became a Star Team Builder and will earn my first “Red Jacket.” My goal is to qualify to get a car, get those lavish all paid vacations and hopefully continue to move up and get that beautiful pink Cadillac. I must say starting my Mary Kay business has given me purpose, joy, confidence, recognition, self-esteem, and stability. I look forward to my online and virtual parties, my weekly meetings, challenges and of course all the free gifts I get from Mary Kay Corporation and my Mary Kay Director.

I recently attended Mary Kay’s Million Dollar Weekend because my director and our unit made the million-dollar level. I was #2 in sales in my unit and had the privilege to attend such an amazing event. I was treated like a queen and they were so grateful for what we consultants do. I thought every business should treat their employees like a queens or kings, and their performance will be out of this world.

So, if you’re feeling like you have no purpose or you’re lost because of this dreadful disease, find something that you will enjoy doing. I promise you it will uplift your spirts and mood, I know it did wonders for me and so thankful for it.

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