3 years & 1 month
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Yep. It dawned on me today that is how long it’s been since my lung cancer diagnosis. 3 years and 1 month. Amazing that is how long it’s been. I can’t begin to describe my delight when I see that typed on a page.

A Full Spectrum of Feelings

Fear – always.

These are all words that can describe my past 3 years. But as of today. JOY. YES, JOY!! That is the only way I can describe my feelings. It has actually been that long. Dozens of chemotherapy appointments, 35 radiation treatments. 18 Opdivo treatments so far – AND IT IS FINALLY WORKING. To see an x-ray report that repeatedly says “stable” within the description of all the tumors is a remarkable feeling.

To be honest, I never in a million years thought I would make it this far. My mother’s family (6 siblings) has a history of cancer. They fought it as long as they could, but ultimately, 4 of them died of cancer. I thought cancer would have gotten me by now.

“I can’t let the ‘C’ word get the best of me”

But by the grace of God and the medical breakthroughs, I am still here. My life is considerably different. I am still fighting. I am still going every two weeks for treatments. I still have side effects (nothing compared to chemo, but still…) and I continue to love. I have too much to look forward to so I can’t let the ‘C’ word get the best of me.

Doing the happy dance. Enjoying life. Loving my family. Taking exercise classes to “get stronger” to continue to fight the beast!! Meeting new people who had their lives turned upside down due to this beast only feeds my need to survive – to help them.

It takes a village to raise a child – but it takes all of us to fight for ourselves and each other.

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