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stage 1 nscc only chemo and rad success rate???

I cant find no info. on stage 1 nscc just chemo and rad and how good it is compared to surgery. I have been on a roller coaster ride, I just wanted to improve my health and quit smoking and asked my doctor to do a lung test so I have a goal to improve. Well found out I have stage 1 nscc. Size of a dime. First I had to have ct, then a pet scan, then a biopsy. My doctor sent me elsewhere due to the biopsy doctor left me in severe pain due to he put a chest tube in a hit the nerve. Told me I had to tolerate it for 4 days. Thank heavens the nurse refused to send me home and hurried me to the ER. So new doctor told me have me up and going by july 4th but I had to have a mri first to make sure not in brain. Thats clear then appt for a surgeon. Now all theses appt. are always 2-3 weeks away. Now the surgeon says he want another breathing test due to the last one results. If they remove the lung part I would be on oxygen and miserable due to the condition of my lungs. He would probably prefer chemo and radiation instead. But he cant tell me survival rate compared to chemo and rad from surgery which is 90%. So now Im on hold to see who can get me in, and who knows when that will be. Then I have to go back to surgeon just for another consult. Has anyone had stage 1 nscc and only did chemo and rad.

  1. I am sorry to hear all that you are going through. I personally had surgery and chemotherapy, but have friends from the community, as well as my mother, that didn't have good enough lung function for surgery at Stage 1 and had chemo and radiation. May I ask if your doctor is affiliated with a Comprehensive Cancer Center or a local regional hospital? I am a big believer in second opinions (at a separate Comprehensive Cancer Center), have you considered that? Please know that our community is here for you. Warmly, Alisa, Team Patient Leader

    1. Don't give up. If you feel like you're hitting a roadblock on clear answers ask to have a mediator or social worker available. Did they provide a clear reason why they can't do a video visit, have them explain the process for you so that it makes sense. Wishing things go better. Best!

    2. I know many doctors that usually don't do video visits were accepting them during the middle of the pandemic. From what I hear now, many doctors no longer do video visits, especially if out of state (the out of state may be an insurance issue, I'm not sure). I try to do video visits whenever possible, but there are times I have to go in person. Perhaps like Yolanda said, you can speak to someone, maybe the nurse navigator, and try again. Thinking of you and hoping your breathing test is good, please let us know. ~ Alisa

  2. This is heartbreaking. I'm so very sorry for this back and forth and no resolution. I think what Alisa mentioned hit the spot! If you can find and arrange another consultation with a facility that perhaps caters more to those afflicted with stage 1 NCSS that may be a great start. Wishing you the very best!

    Here's a reference to also review

    1. sorry took so long to update, been roller coaster ride and hit depression. I finally got to a oncologist and he wanted another pet scan to make sure not stage 4. I lost it. Jumped from 1 to 4. Just hearing that just added to the horror. I have a spot on my left lung but they think its scar tissue but wont rule out cancer, and above the spot of cancer on my right lung is another spot. So apparently if the spot on the left lit up its considered stage 4. Since been couple months from last pet scan they said it was enough time for it light up if it was. I didnt even know bout 3 spots. So another couple weeks go by. Im so burned out from repeat test and waiting. But the good news is the test came back and the other 2 spots are not lit up. I will need 5 treatments of radiation due they say it is the size of a fingernail and hasnt grown. It will be up to the radiation doctor if they want to go ahead and hit the spot above it and get rid of it before its active. Im hoping they do. I was already tat for the one spot so I would need another. They said should call me monday or this week to set up appointment. Im so mad the other hospital doctor told us it was bad and mass was huge and prepare for the worse. My daughter was so upset she couldnt handle going with me anymore to appointments. I dont blame her tho. I wrote a letter Cleveland clinic and finally the letter sent back just said they will have it in their files. So in other words sweep it under the rug. Didnt even matter to them he went home and left me in pain and the nurse who refused to send me home and got me to the ER for help. I want to let people know to take charge of your health care. If you have an appointment for a test and set for weeks away, just call the scheduling dept twice a day. See if anyone had cancel so you can get in earlier. I did that and got lucky twice. Im a month ahead of where Id be since I did that. Those weeks add up if you can get in earlier. Thank you for letting me talk it helped very much. Hoping for a call monday to start

      1. Ty so much, Its awesome to hear that for 22 years your going strong. God Bless

      2. WOW, is all I can say. We appreciate the update and are so very happy you took charge in seeking an earlier appt. Yes, self-advocacy in health is a neverending process. If things don't sound, feel, or add up then using your gut to take action is probably the necessary call to action. Hoping everything goes well. Best!

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